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Anchor Drilling Rig

The anchor drilling rig, as known as the anchor rig, is a rig tool in the bolt support work of coal mine roadway. It has outstanding advantages in improving support effect, reducing support cost, accelerating speed of lane formation, reducing auxiliary transportation volume, reducing labor intensity, and improving utilization of roadway section. Anchor drilling rig is the key equipment for bolt support. It effects the quality of the bolt support-the orientation of the bolt hole, the depth, the accuracy of the aperture and the quality of the bolt installation, as well as the operator’s personal safety, labor intensity and working conditions.

The anchor drilling rig is mainly used for the prevention and control of geological disasters and the displacement of the landslide and the displacement of the anchorage and control structure. The rock mass anchoring project of the high slope of the dangerous rock mass, such as the city can also be used for deep foundation pits, foundation reinforcement holes, blast holes and drainage holes. Simple structure, light weight, easy to dismantle the relocation; Full hydraulic control, easy to operate; Second gear speed and torque, can be selected according to actual needs, adaptability.

Anchor Drilling Rig
Anchor Drilling Rig

Anchor Drilling Rig for Sale
Anchor Drilling Rig for Sale

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Anchor Drilling Rigs
Anchor Drilling Rigs

Anchor Drilling Rigs for Sale
Anchor Drilling Rigs for Sale

Anchor Drilling Rig Parameters





Hole depth(m)




Hole diameter(mm)




Rod spec(mm)




Hole angle




Output rotary speed(rpm)




Rated output torque(N*m)




Power head max stroke(mm)




Max lifting force(KN)




Power head max feeding force(KN)




Hydraulic system rated pressure(Mpa)




Rotary electric power




Oil pump electric power(kw)




Electric voltage








Hydraulic station dimension(mm)









  1. Three-phase asynchronous motor and dual-connected gear oil pump power the drilling rig.
  2. Adopting hydraulic cylinder feeding mode, compact structure, large lifting force and good stability.
  3. The radiator can effectively reduce the oil temperature and prevent the hydraulic oil from becoming low viscosity or damaged due to excessive oil temperature.
  4. The upper and lower hydraulic cylinders can quickly adjust the angle of the guide rail to meet the drilling requirements from different angles.

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Anchor Drilling Rig Safety Check:

  1. It is necessary to check whether the mechanical parts of the equipment are normal and have defects.
  2. Check whether the control switches, handles and knobs are complete, sensitive and reliable, with or without defects.
  3. Check the screws of each part for looseness or defect.
  4. Check whether the various channels, accessories, etc. Used for welding meet the requirements for use.
  5. Check that the safety guard is safe and has no defect.
  6. Check whether the connections of various values and pipes are tight and there is no leakage.
  7. Prepare the tools, workpieces, etc. To be used and check if they meet the requirements for use.
  8. Check all obstacles on the job site that have no impact on the job.
  9. Check whether the dangerous materials such as pumice stone and umbrella are cleaned on the upper surface of the work surface.

Anchor Drilling Rig Safe Operation:

  1. According to the work requirements, clear the location of the rig and the standing position of the staff (or set up the scaffolding platform) to park the rig smoothly and securely.
  2. When the rig is started, the driving signal must be issued first, and the operators should contact each other well to make a call response.
  3. Before the wind is supplied, the air duct must be bundled with the drill, air compressor or other fixed objects.
  4. During the operation, a special person must be in charge of the command. All operators must concentrate on the movement, and all parts of the body should be away from the rotating parts of the equipment. Pay attention to the observation and find an abnormal parking immediately.
  5. All kinds of tools, such as drill rods to be installed or disassembled, must be placed safely in a designed safe place to prevent falling, rolling, and effecting work.
  6. When installing or disassembling other workpieces such as drill rods, the tool used must be placed in a stable position, and the operation is slow. Excessive force is forbidden to prevent falling off.
  7. When drilling, it is necessary to control the advancement speed of the drilling rig, prohibit excessive pushing, pay attention to the observation of the working surface, and prohibit the operator from leaving the post without authorization.
  8. When the wall thickness of the drill pipe impactor is less than 3/5, it is forbidden to use to prevent injury or damage to the equipment during operation.
  9. Night work must be well lit.
  10. It is forbidden to work in strong winds and heavy rains.
  11. It is forbidden to crush the main air duct by various vehicles or equipment.
  12. When the working area of the rig is less than 3 meters from the edge of the face, specific detailed and reliable safety precaution must be specified. The operator is prohibited from facing the edge of the face.
  13. When moving the device, the obstacle must be removed to make the ground flat, keep the balance of the fuselage, and pay attention to the spare parts falling.
  14. When pulling and moving the rig, the distance between the main body and various high and low voltage lines shall not be less than 1.5 meters.
  15. When transporting equipment for long distances, the equipment must be fixed firmly with the ropes. It is forbidden to take any personnel in the vehicle compartment.
  16. When using lifting equipment, special personnel must be in charge of command and supervision, select the ropes that meet the requirements, and carry out the sticking according to the regulations. It is forbidden to work, pass or stay under the lifting objects.
Use of Anchor Drilling Rig
Use of Anchor Drilling Rig

Working Pictures
Working Pictures

Anchor Drilling Rig Manufactures

Henan Yugong Machinery Co.,Ltd located in Zhengzhou,Henan province,China.Its a large engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise which focus on research and development, production and sale kinds of drilling rigs.Our drilling rigs are widely applicable for water well, farm irrigation, geological prospecting, small pile foundation, geothermal air-conditioner and so on.

We insist on the strategy of technology research and development. Technical design, material purchasing, precised manufacturing and strict quality inspection are all processed according to the ISO9001 standard. Sincerely hope we can establish close,trustworthy and long term relationship with each customers. Any interests and needs about our Drilling rigs,please contact us.

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