Pile Driver Machine

Pile driver machine is a construction machine for piling in the foundation engineering. It is mainly applied to drill in sandy soil, clay, silty clay, etc. And widely used cast-in-place piles, diaphragm walls, foundation reinforcement, and other foundation projects. Its rated power of the engine is around 108-450KW, output torque 60-400KN/M, maximum pile diameter 1.5-4m, maximum pile depth 60-90m. It can meet the construction requirement of kinds of foundation engineering projects. It generally applies hydraulic crawler chassis, automatic lift box-type mast, telescopic drill pipe, auto vertical adjustor, depth indicator, etc. Its operation applies hydraulic pilot control, load sensor, thus it is easy to control. Main and auxiliary hoisting can meet different requirements in construction sites. The rig can be used on piling construction in dry (short screw), wet soil (rotary bucket) and rock (core drill) by equipping with a drilling tool, and can be equipped with long screw drill, diaphragm wall grab, vibratory hammer, etc., to achieve many functions. It is mainly used in foundation engineering of municipal construction, expressway, bridge, industrial and civil buildings, diaphragm wall, water conservancy project, and slope protection.

A pile driver machine is a device used to push a pile (rod) into the soil to provide foundational support for a building or other structure. The term is also used to refer to the constructor using a piling rig. One type of pile driver uses a weight placed between the rails so that it can slide vertically. It is placed over a pile(rod). Weight gain, which may involve the use of hydraulic, steam, diesel, or manual labor. When the weight reaches its highest point, it is released and then hits the pile and pushes it into the ground. Ancient piling equipment uses human or animal labor to lift the weight, usually through pulleys, and then heavy objects fall to the upper end of the pile. Modern piling equipment uses a variety of methods to increase weight and guide the pile.

Rotary Drilling Machine

YG Rotary Drilling Machine for Sale
YG Rotary Drilling Machine for Sale

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Advantages of Rotary Drilling Machine:

  1. Rotary drilling machine has high drilling efficiency. The rotary drilling rig adopts a powerhead device, which has the characteristics of axial pressure and large torque. During construction, the drilling rig can be automatically adjusted according to different layers, so that the drilling parameters are optimized. According to statistics, the drilling speed of the drilling rig in the same formation is about 10 times that of the drilling (punching) drilling rig.
  2. The high degree of automation, low labor intensity, and intrinsic safety. The rotary drilling rig is a crawler type full hydraulic automatic walking chassis. It adopts a hydraulic system and full computer control. The drill pipe automatically expands and contracts, automatically adjust the verticality, and automatically displays various parameters of drilling, saving a lot of manpower. Operators work in a safe environment to achieve intrinsic safety.
  3. Environmental pollution is small and energy is saved. Rotary drilling is dry or non-circulating mud drilling. The wall mud is reusable, with no need for external transportation, greatly reducing the environmental pollution. The excavated soil is directly loaded and transported to keep the site clean and smooth; the rotary drilling rig adopts the original imported diesel engine, low noise, high efficiency, energy consumption is 1/4 of the same workload (drilling) hole pile machine.

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Spiral Pile Driver Machine

The pile frame of the spiral pile driver is mainly composed of a top pulley block, a column, a diagonal strut, a chassis, a traveling mechanism, a slewing mechanism, a hoisting mechanism, a control room, a hydraulic system, and an electrical system. The column is folded, adopting a box-shaped structure and flange connection. Round or square slides are provided on both sides of the column as the guide head and anti-twist for the powerhead and the up and down movement of the drill pipe. The box-shaped collapsible column equipped with such a drilling machine uses a hydraulic cylinder to take off and land, which is convenient and quick and does not need to be disassembled during transportation. The lower part of the column is hinged to the upper plate, the middle rear part is hinged to the diagonal strut, and the top of the column has a pulley block for completing the take-off and landing of the powerhead, the steel cage, and the grouting pipe. The powerhead can be detached when sliding up and down along the side.

YG-32 Spiral Pile Driver
YG-32 Spiral Pile Driver

YG-32 Spiral Pile Driver Machine
YG-32 Spiral Pile Driver Machine

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YG-80 Spiral Pile Driver
YG-80 Spiral Pile Driver

YG-80 Spiral Pile Driver for Sale
YG-80 Spiral Pile Driver for Sale

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Solar Pile Driver for Sale

Solar Pile Driver
Solar Pile Driver

Solar Pile Driver for Sale
Solar Pile Driver for Sale

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Technical parameters

Model Solar pile driver
Drilling Diameter(mm) 150-500
Drilling Depth(m) 1-15
Generator(kw) 50
Drill pipe diameter(mm) 70-1200
Rig frame  crawler
Walking speed(km/h) crawler: 6-15
Hydraulic system working pressure


Rotation angle 180/360 degree
Weight(t) 3~10
Dimension(mm) 4000*2000*2800
Weight(T) 3.5-6.5

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Rotary Pile Driver Machine Drill Pipe Maintenance Method:

  1. According to the working environment, determine the inspection cycle, usually in the general geological environment: after the first time, the pile driver starts working for 50-100 hours, check the fourth section of the drill pipe. After working for 100-150 hours, inspect the second and third drill pipes.
  2. Daily inspection cycle arrangement: after every 250-300 hours of work, check the fourth section of the drill pipe. After the 400-500 hours of operation, check the second and the third drill pipes.
  3. Daily cleaning: after the end of each shift, the sludge on the drill pipe should be cleaned and the drill pipe should be thoroughly cleaned before starting maintenance work.
  4. Use a long drill pipe to drill shallow holes for a period of time. Pull the drill pipe apart and clean the mud between the unstretched drill pipes to prevent the drill pipe from being stuck. The above four implementations are in place to effectively prevent and prevent premature wear of the pipe driver-drill pipe. Effectively improve equipment life, save money is to make money! At the same time, accidents can be avoided, because the drill pipe is the most frequently used during the whole process of drilling piles. If the drill pipe is abnormally found, the drill pipe should be opened and the drill pipe should be thoroughly inspected and repaired.

Small Rotary Drilling Rig Features:

  1. High efficiency: The product has advanced technology and cyclic drilling, which does not increase the machine load with increasing depth. The hydraulic power head drives the drilling tool to carry out construction work, with stable operation, large torque, and high efficiency.
  2. Adapt to a variety of topography, adapt to a variety of geological conditions, to adapt to a variety of construction requirements. The body design is compact, the operation is flexible and fast, and the transition is convenient. Available in both wheeled and tracked versions. Further enhanced the adaptability to the construction site. This machine can be matched with many domestic manufacturers’drilling tools, such as engineering short spiral, rotary bucket, core drill, and so on. This can complete a variety of construction requirements, pile machine engineering under different geological conditions.
  3. Safety and reliability: This model is based on the technology of the excavator, which is convenient for the maintenance of parts. At the same time, the machine belongs to the national patent product with novel design, mature technology, stable and reliable hydraulic work has an unparalleled safety advantage over CFG long spirals and on-board pile drivers.
  4. Low investment and high return. The machine is exquisite and simple in design, low in price, and scientific in process technology. It does not require artificial soil cleaning. It saves manpower and is the first choice to replace manual digging piles and replace large machines in a certain range.

The Matters Needing Attention When Working on the Rotary Drilling Rig:

  1. Because the cylindrical drill bit of the rotary drilling rig will cause “vacuum” in the local space under the drill bit when the mud surface is discharged from the dike, and the scouring effect of the mud on the whole wall at the intersection of the lower part of the casing and the hole is easy due to the levee rise. The bottom wall of the casing is collapsed, so the backfilling around the casing must be carefully compacted.
  2. In the beginning, the drill should slowly fall and then start to drill. 2-3 meters on the ground, pay great attention to whether the center of the pile deviates.
  3. When the drill pipe is falling, control the speed.
  4. Pressurizer is used, do not blindly pressurize, and control the coordination with the rotation speed of the drill pipe to prevent the drilling from slipping.
  5. Do not drill the hard dike when drilling, and release the reaction force of the soil layer before levying.

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