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DTH Drilling Rig for Sale in Indonesia

dth drilling machine
SKD-70 DTH Drilling Rigs for Sale

dth drilling equipment
SKD-100 DTH Drilling Equipment for Sale

Model SKD-70 SKD-100
Drilling Hole Diameter 50-90mm 90-130mm
Drilling Depth 15m 0-25m
Drilling Speed 110r/min 110r/min
Working Air Pressure 0.5-0.7mpa 0.5-1.0mpa
Air Consumption 4m3/min 6m3/min
Cylinder Diameter 90mm 140mm
Max. Propelled Force 8000N 9600N
Drilling Rod OD 42mm 50-60mm
Drilling Rod Length 1025mm 1025mm
Dimension 1740*260*420mm 2280*440*550mm
Weight 280kg 470kg

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In the application of drilling machinery, the air-leg rock drill can only drill small-aperture, medium-shallow blastholes; the heavy-duty rail-type rock drill can also drill deep blastholes through the post, but the energy consumption is large and the drilling speed is slow. The characteristic of the down-the-hole drilling rig is that the energy loss when the piston hits the drill rod does not increase with the extension of the drilling machine. Therefore, it is suitable for drilling a large bore and a large depth of the blasthole.

The DTH drilling rig uses the impactor and the drill bit that sneak into the bottom of the hole to impact and break the rock, so it is called a DTH drilling rig. Widely used in metal mines, hydropower, transportation, building materials, harbors and national defense projects. When you purchase, you need to tell us which model you need and we will tell you with the accessories for the model. Of course, the DTH drilling rig for sale in YG are different in diameters, heights,volumes and the work efficiency. Refer to the major parameters table below to select the size you need now. If you have any question,please fee free to contact us, we have been looking forward to serving you.

dth machine
SKQ-100 DTH Machine for Sale

dth drilling rigs
SKB120-5.5 DTH Core Drilling Rigs for Sale

Model SKQ-100 SKB120-5.5
Drilling Hole Diameter  90-130mm  90-130mm
Drilling Depth 0-25m 0-40m
Drilling Speed 110r/min 110r/min
Working Air Pressure  0.5-1.0mpa  0.5-1.0mpa
Air Consumption 12m3/min 10m3/min
Cylinder Diameter 140mm 140mm
Max. Propelled Force 9600N 9600N
Drilling Rod OD  50-60mm 60mm
Drilling Rod Length 1025mm 1025mm
Dimension 2230*380*550mm 2230*380*550mm
Weight 450kg 480kg

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DTH Drilling Rig Features:

  1. The impact energy loss does not increase with the lengthening of the drill rod, and the deep hole of the large hole diameter can be drilled.
  2. The noise on the working surface is greatly reduced.
  3. The drilling speed is fast, the degree of mechanization is high, and the auxiliary working time is small, which improves the working rate of the drilling machine.
  4. Mobile and flexible.
  5. The quality of the drilling is high.
  6. It can drill rock with medium or hard medium (f≥8).

Drills for down-the-hole drills include drill pipes, impactors and drill bits. The drill rod has connecting threads at both ends, one end is connected to the rotary air supply mechanism, and the other end is connected to the impactor. A drill bit is mounted on the front end of the impactor. When drilling, the rotary air supply mechanism drives the drilling tool to rotate and supplies the compressed air to the hollow drill pipe. The impactor impacts the drill bit to perform rock drilling, and the gas is pressed out of the hole, and the propulsion mechanism continuously pushes the rotary air supply mechanism and the drilling tool forward.

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